Monday, October 13, 2014


        Elisa had been living the average life of a woman during this time period which did not satisfy her.  When she meets the man in the wagon, she realizes that she wants to live a free life like the tinker.  When mentioning that to him, he says she would be unable to live that life because she is a woman.  His sexist approach upsets Elisa greatly because she believes she can do it.  She wants to run away from her contained life in the garden in order to try something new and adventurous.  After he leaves, she has a boost of confidence which her husband notes when he returns home that afternoon.  She is unsuccessful because she gives up on her dreams later that night when she returns to reality after she declines her husband's invitation to the boxing match.  Steinbeck shows that women were not treated equally and were believed to not be able to do the jobs men did.

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