Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Not An Epiphany

   It is very interesting that the old waiter ventures away from his comfort zone which was at a clean, well-lighted place, to a dirty bar.  The older waiter was able to connect himself with the old man throughout the story especially when he went to the bar at the end and realized how much nicer the cafe was.  The waiter does not have an epiphany at the end because nothing changes drastically by the way he acts or thinks and it seems as if everything that happened is part of his normal routine,  "After all, he said to himself, it is probably only insomnia"(345).  This seems normal to him that he goes to bed so late because earlier in the story he tells the young waiter, "Each night. I am reluctant to close up because there may be someone who needs the cafe"(344).  The old waiter has a set routine that does not change and he understands the wants and needs of others.

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