Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Everything Worked Out in the End

      "As for Clarisse, she was charmed upon receiving her husband's letter. She and the babies were doing well. The society was agreeable; many of her old friends and acquaintances were at the bay. And the first free breath since her marriage seemed to restore the pleasant liberty of her maiden days. Devoted as she was to her husband, their intimate conjugal life was something which she was more than willing to forego for a while."

           Alcee did not send this letter because he was unselfish. He sent it because  Calixta had just satisfied him. She never knew about what happened between him and Calixta though which is why she is rather pleased by the letter. Just like Alcee, Calixta is happy in the end because her family comes back home safely and her husband or son did not come home while Alcee was still at the house.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Monarchs Fall In The End

The narrator sees the monarchs as people who might be coming to pay him to do a portrait for them at first because they were monarchs and he expected them to be very rich.  He soon realizes they have come for the contrary.  The monarchs have come to be paid to model which surprises the painter.  The last line symbolizes that the painter and the monarchs have switched classes and it hurt him to see they were his servants so he paid them to leave.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Poe Is the Foe

     Writing dark romanticisms is what puts us in the same category.  But we should not be confused with each other.  We both agree on the fact that man can never be perfect.  In my story, "The Birthmark" and in your story, "The Black Cat", we both include wives who are willing to do anything to please their husbands.  We both write about the idea of transformation on the main character's crisis which causes the alteration in their identities.  But I do a better job of portraying humanity.  Humanity is not necessarily evil but rather imperfect because making mistakes does not automatically make someone evil.  I also think you should incorporate more morals in your stories because there is not a solid one in "The Black Cat" which is definitely an important thing to incorporate in one's writing.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Frank Franklin

  • He openly shares his opinions as well as his ideas
  • He admits to his flaws
  • Criticizes those who do not admit to their flaws and think they have the best ideas (ex. Church of England)
  • He stands for the people and for the better of others.
  • Very patriotic American and he speaks for the common people.
  • He is on the one hundred dollar bill which means he is very important in the history of the United States of America
  • Signed the Declaration of Independence
  • Signed the Constitution
  • He listens to what others have to say and will sometimes change his opinions on how he views a topic.
  • He knows how to get a point across in a non disrespectful way.
  • He believes in freedom

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Austin's Blog post

Dear Mrs. Zimmer,

     Although it is closely linked and very similar to English literature, it is just not the same.  The two different types of literature are actually becoming less and less alike as time progresses.  Literature has many subcategories including novels, prose, and short stories.  The literal definition of literature has the same meaning everywhere but the styles of writing differ between most countries and cultures across the world.  Forms of literature have existed for thousands and thousands of years which makes it so special but in this case, only a couple hundred years dating back from the colonial times to modern day.
      Citizens of the United States consider themselves American and most take pride in this personal title. For something to be American, it has to be a product that is produced in the United States.  Just because something is written about the United States or the colonies does not classify it as American because it could have been written in a foreign country.  As said by Abraham Lincoln, it should be written, "By the people, for the people."  My personal opinion is that something should only be classified as American if it is a product of an American.
        The combination of this American definition and this literature definition is the way to describe American Literature.


This combination is  American Literature.